floating in love

i can sing the lead and you can sing the harmony. we can play out on the porch and let it blow off in the breeze. we can listen as it lingers through the leaves left on the trees. we can stay out 'til the sun comes rising up from in the east. 'cause we lived in the city, now we live along the shore. we looked twice before we left, but we don't look back no more. we fell sick for one another, may we never find the cure. you can handle my best easy, i can try to handle yours. that's a love that can't be broken. that's the sting of a heart cut open. that's the thing about blind devotion. that's a love that can't be broken. it's the way you stay right by my side, it's the way you lay your lips on mine. you're the rarest thing that i'll ever find, my love.